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A method for naturally achiving or avoiding pregnancy

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The Creighton Model System embodies the lifelong work of Thomas W. Hilgers, MD. Charting with Creighton is highly standardized, allowing for streamlined access to medical solutions.

Intimate and Respectful

Couples report increased levels of satisfaction and desire after aclimating to the system. The sexual expression is true and authentic while the total exchange of persons is uninhibited.

Made for All Women

Women are not all the same, and neither are their bodies. Check out client testimonies here.


Whether aiming to achieve or avoid pregnancy, the odds are better with Creighton. Check out our STATS section for more info.

How do I get started?

There is a bit of a learning curve when you start to chart, and we don't want you to go it alone.
Before you do anything else, attend one of our intro sessions . If the date or time doesn't work for you, contact one of our practitioners to set up an individual intro session. Public intro sessions are completely free and are the best way to find out what Creighton is all about. From there, we can get you started charting and schedule follow up appointments!

  Better Than Birth Control?


The South Florida Team

The names and faces of Creighton in South Florida


Sarah McKeown


Sarah and her husband James started charting with Creighton five years ago. She joined the Creighton team in 2016.


Guadalupe Carral


Guadalupe is a mother of four and has been teaching the Creighton model for the past few years.


James McKeown

Web Designer/Tech Guy

Is something broken on this site? Send James an email and he'll fix it right away.

Statistics for the Creighton Model

Avoiding or achieving, the odds are better here.

How does Creighton compare to Birth Control or IVF?

NaProTechnology is nearly 3 times more sucessful than IVF for assisting infertile couples and does not result in early abortions or frozen embryos.

NaPro's Prematurity Prevention Program has cut the rate of premature births from 12.1% to 7%. Preterm birth is associated with numberous medical side effects for the baby.

Modern reproductive technology works to overcome the mestrual and fertility cycle by either suppressing or destroying them. NaProTechnology works cooperatively with the menstrual and fertility cycles, respecting the dignity of women and marriage. Current reproductive medicine uses a "band-aid" approach of prescribing birth control for any gynelogical or reproductive health issue. NaProTechnology looks for the underlying causes of women's health issues, providing diagnosis and treatment.

Avoiding Pregnancy with Perfect use of CrMS


Avoiding Pregnancy with Typical use of CrMS


Success rate for treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS)


Frequently Asked Questions

We know it can be scary to try new things. Here are a few questions we are often asked.

How does this system even work? Everyone says the rhythm method is ineffective.

Creighton Model System is NOT the rhythm method. It uses a prospective accumulation of objective and standardized data on the menstrual and fertility cycles. This system is based on the observation and tracking of physical signs a woman has when she if fertile. The couple then uses this information to plan or avoid a pregnancy by knowing whether each day is fertile or infertile. The system has a 99.6% degree of effectiveness to avoid pregnancy and a very high degree of accuracy in achieving pregnancy.

I have irregular cycles. Will Creighton work for me?

Yes! Everybodys body is different, but irregular cycles are often a symptom of underlying medical issues. Birth control pills mask the symptoms, but Creighton gets to the heart of the issues, in a natural and healthy way.

Won't this ruin my sex life? What about spontaneity?

Couples using CrMS report an increase in communication and a growth in the Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Communicative, and Emotional (SPICE) dimensions of their sexuality and relationship. It is true that using CrMS to avoid pregnancy requires periodic abstinence. However, times of abstinence are present and normal in every marriage, with or without contraceptive use. Couples often must abstain due to illness, travel schedules, pregnancy etc. During these times, CrMS allows couples to become more generous, attentive, respectful and loving to one another. As the couple grows in confidence and proficiency with CrMS, ovulation becomes easier to predict, and there are more opportunities for spontaneity.

Can I download charting material from this site?

No. Creighton is a highly standardized system. We want to make sure that you are comfortable charting and doing it correctly. If you need new charts or stamps, contact your practitioner and they will be happy to get you new material.

Is there an app for charting?

Not yet, but we'll keep you posted! (We want one too!)


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